Time and Millinnelas

Well Goodbye Vegas and Hello LA .... for two days . yup, you heard it I'm finally heading back home for some meetings , and a exciting collaboration that I'm excited to share with you guys and of course spending time with the family . My baby sister is finally graduating High school and is heading to Arizona for College !  WOW it seems like just yesterday we were walking to and from school and  jumping the walls to get back home aha . It's kind of crazy how time can just fly by within a blink of an eye . 

my whole life I've always been so frustrated on where I seen myself and trying to find out why I wasn't where I wanted to be already . and I think a lot of us driven millennials are like this.. .. we are so caught up on the idea of the future that we're not really appreciating the journey and the fight it takes to get to our dreams and accomplishments ( which sucks because we're not really enjoying the "growing up" part of life ) . I read somewhere awhile back that  " the worst thing you can do in your 20's is think you'll have all your shit together " . Every time I read that it's kind of a release because I think this generation was the generation of technology . which gives us an even more broader outlet for success and the idea of it . We see that technology and the internet has the ability to give us a more convenient route towards being our own bosses , starting a business or an app , connecting and sharing our life's with others and of course connecting and collaborating with people across the world with just a click and a swoosh of the finger .  I mean that's pretty awesome to think right ? but also I think it could be why we're so impatient and why we beat ourselves up on why we aren't where we picture ourselves at the moment . 

Overtime though I've learned to just look back and see how far you've come at such a young age . You definitely weren't where you are now 2-3 years ago without  that drive and inspiration that you still have til this day . My best advice is keep killing it , stay consistent and always work on being a better you daily !