Remainning  Spiritually grounded in this industry 

It's funny how I decided to write this post at this particular time but I thought it would be different yet perfect for some of my readers , Because I've always believed Career driven progression is just as vital and Spiritual evolution . If you've been following me for sometime you would have realized my year long break last  year from blogging , Modeling and working with brands. Now to say the least this had to be one of the most Organic changes I've ever experienced in my life . It was almost as if the universe was like " Yo you're really good at what you're doing and I see you but lets go DEEPER"

Around Winter of 2015 I was having tremendous amounts of spiritual awakenings that I had no knowledge of such as Clairvoyance , Lucid dreaming and OBE in meditation. Aside from that I was beginning to see the ugly side of the industry ..... Egos , Judgment, control and of course Attachments . By the Time that was all on my plate i had already dismissed Blogging , Modeling Collaborating with brands . Not because I hated it but truly just because the universe wanted me to understand and realize my purpose and value being here,  alive ...RIGHT NOW

When it came down to it when I should have been answering emails and editing I was instead either meditating or reading book after book after book . From Self-Transformation books to Chakra books , all the way down to Quantum Mechanic books . My brain was definitely a sponge and the universe was my library and outlet to spiritual intellect. After months of solitude and incubation I began to realize that what I was doing (Blogging , modeling and consulting) was what I loved and it genuinely made me happy . but I had to step back and see my vibrational frequency wasn't balanced enough to see pass and know there is more beyond this Material realm 

Having taken that time out and just recently coming back . I feel not only stronger with what I'm doing . but I feel I have a clear concise vision on where I want to be . So Honestly I would say it's all about balance. This industry is amazing and can be used for self expression and an outlet for creativity . but this isn't all there is ...... Start to look within .... Who are you ? . Don't feel guilty on taking breaks sometimes it needed . How is what youre doing today serving your soul