Urban Outfitters Under 100$ Outfit Challenge 

So lately I've been getting a lot of questions on how I afford such expensive things and if money defines success . and to answer the question from my perspective I would say NO . now a lot of people would disagree but in response my journey would be my argument . To be clear  I wasn't brought up in a wealthy family nor did I ever get spoiled and pampered by my mother. However she did instill HUSTLE into my DNA . She made me understand that nothing in this world is going to be given to you without work , passion intellect and  drive .

So to answer all my readers question, most of my clothing isn't even expensive ! it's truly all about the styling and being a strategic smart shopper that's balling on a budget . to give you guys an example of what I'm talking about I decided to start a fun series  on my site which I hope to continue when I relaunch my youtube channel Called BALLING ON A BUDGET showing you guys how easy it is to get a killer looking without putting a hole in your pocket .

Let me know If you guys would like me to continue this series  . ( Whole look is linked with prices below 

Umbro Bold Long Sleeve  -  $38.00

Umbro X UO Checkerboard Shorts - $44.00

Total = $82