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Solar Eclipses have been an intriguing event for the human race for many of years and whether you're into astrology or not , a Solar eclipse is a historical astrological event that collectively we all pay attention to whether you're spiritual or not! For those that don't know a Solar Eclipse is when the earth,moon and sun are in complete alignment , the three cosmic forces also known as the holy trinity of the universe, This cosmic event will bring about a new beginning so Take a big breather because this is quite a time to be alive . Now many people in the past also believed that solar eclipse meant the end of the world .... also known as DOOMS DAY ,In a way this can be true but certainly not to that extent . A solar eclipse is definitely an ending but I would say more of an ending of a cycle in the Global collective consciousness . We all know that A LOT is going on in our country right now , and this is what I mean when I say an ending of a cycle and a beginning of a NEW is on the horizon . all this hate is being brought to the surface to be transcended into love and Compassion because that form of energy can no longer thrive in the new dimension .Now truthfully everything isn't peaches and cream and flowers and hugs and we are seeing alot of hate , racism and sexism etc. But at the same time we are seeing more people unite no matter what race or religion . We are seeing more people taking their voices back with social injustice issues and most importantly we are getting more organized to really demonstrate what a true democracy looks like . 

Now I'm not saying this one solar eclipse will completely cure hate and racism but I'm saying that it's just another wave of an awakening for the human race . get ready for this planetary shift at this time . Remain balanced , vocal and determined these last 3-4 months of 2017 . it's never too late to hit that reset button in your life and determine your purpose and go about fulfilling it 


Champion Orange Hoodie 

Thrifted Denim jacket 

Ralph Lauren Pin stripped trousers