You know how things just align at the perfect time and you just realize something was supposed to happen at this given moment? Well that was just the other day for me visiting the Louis Vuitton Exhibition. I had just drove in from Vegas all the way to Beverly Hills for a styling project I was working on and absolutely refused for this to just be another work trip to where I just headed back home. So I searched for the exhibition and it just so happened to be 10 minutes away from the hotel I was currently at! So upon arriving on busy Rodeo dr. I instantly knew there would be some kind of entrance fee….. because c’mon its Louis Vuitton right? So I jumped out the car in the middle of traffic to find out there was no entrance fee it was completely free to enter!

Now I don’t know if that’s all the time so don’t quote me on that but this particular day it was. So as I’m searching for parking on this chaotic iconic street on a weekend I pulled up to the most perfect FREE parking . “Que in heaven music” right next to the exhibition ! The Fashion Gods must’ve been looking out for me that day because parking and traffic are 2 huge factors when living in LA. This is what I meant when I said “ things just align in the perfect time” Overall the Exhibition was beautiful and although getting a good picture on the dreamy pink stairs is nearly impossible, The whole experience was worth it for a little spark of inspiration .

BTS of Young & Reckless styling shoot

Adidas X Pacsun #funhouse RE-CAP

Health is Wealth

Aside from fashion I take pride in living a healthy Vegan Lifestyle. Living a Vegan Lifestyle can sometimes be tricky when it comes to calorie intake, so I thought I’d share my day to day eating routine and how I make sure my calorie intake is being met. with being vegan I’ve learned that preparation is EVERYTHING. convenient microwaveable foods are out the window and your meals will require a little more strategy and love .

I always start my day out with an infused alkaline water . Adding lemons and fruit will not only alkalize your water but also help with your digestion and getting the gears moving in your body in the morning. My Personal favorite mixture of fruits to add to my infused water are Limes, Blueberries and Lemons. Something about that mixture in the morning wakes my sense up and helps me get my day started. You’ll instantly feel hydrated and replenished. Making infused waters are as simple as 1,2,3. All you have to do is cut a few lemons with your preferred fruits , stash it away in a mason jar overnight and you’re set … yup just that easy.

After drinking my infused water I always start my day with a potent GREEN JUICE. Now green juices are a little more harder but so worth it . you’ll need a cold pressed juicer … which isn’t too pricey if you’re shopping at the right stores like Big Lots, Walmart or even online like amazon. Once you have your juicer its all about deciding what will be in your juice. For me I’m very selective on what I add to my green juice because I absolutely hate when its too bitter from too many greens but I also hate when its too sweet from fruits. So my recipe for my juices always require a good balance of both. What I usually add is Kale for 1 , Kale will be your base in your juice . with it being the most dense nutrient food on the planet you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re putting a decent amount in your juice for maximum benefits….. But you also don’t want to make your juice unbearably bitter so It’s always fun to add a little ginger, A couple apples and of course some fresh lemons. adding green apples will help balance that bitterness from the kale by adding some crisp sweet flavoring. Not only that but adding apples will help push your kale juice through the juicer since green apples are 86% water.

finishing my morning routine I always like to finish with a hearty Smoothie/ Vegan Nice Cream. Which I’ll get more in detail about next post but the main trick to thickening up your smoothie up is COCONUT milk. coconut milk has soo many benefits like lowering cholesterol, Helping with weigh loss and helps cut dairy completely out of your diet .

Hope you guys liked this little informative vegan routine of mine . If you’d like to see more post like this make sure to comment and leave a heart !