C2H4 FW16 / Lush Network Campaign 

It's seeming as if 2017 is going to be a good year . I have a lot lined up that I cant wait to share with you guys . to start the year off right I had the opportunity to collaborate with @lushnetwork and @c2h4 on their FW/16 collection . it's a pretty awesome feeling working with such a tight knit agency that trust in my vision .  and of course as you guys may know I've worked with C2H4 on numerous campaigns hence the Vintage C2H4 archived bag , you can shop this NO CHILL collection on https://www.c2h4losangeles.com/collections/all or stop by the Lush Network showroom in LA



Hoodie : Vetements

Pants : Thrifted 

Coat: Red Cap

Shoes : Nike Air Max


Cut the Shit !

Battle Studies 

Healing Human Soul