its finally here ! the otheruk athletic capsule collection has finally dropped with a serious twist on athletic wear . with simple mesh details and tonal satin's I cant wait to get my hands on this collection . within the next couple of weeks I'll be dropping a collaboration campaign with other that will be nothing but FIRE but if you guys are interested in the collection you can order at www.otheruk.com and when checking out use my promo code " GRIZ15 " for 15% off your  purchase 

Gucci Cruise ss18

Can we all start by agreeing that Alessandro Michele is starting a Revolutionary wave in the industry since becoming the Creative Director of Gucci in 2015 . there seems to be a "AHH" Alice and wonderland fantasy feeling about each and everyone of his shows . From the mixture of prints to the elaborate textures , This collection could have easily been a no go in my book but the way the pieces were put together were just phenomenal ! The styling in each show is so carefully thought out that you cant help but love each little detail put in each look . Like I've said plenty of times in the past about Gosha and Demna.... and now Alessandro  " the collection could have been so bad but their knowledge and grasp on where the youth is at this point and time and where its going is so strong which leads the styling of each show to be so relevant and inspiring  " .

A couple things I have to say stole the show for me was 1 . (The Julius Ceasar head pieces !) Now we've seen this Aesthetic before in shows like Dolce and Gabbanna 

Dolce & Gabbana FW14

But the way Gucci Down dressed the crowns with more ready to wear pieces like loafers and boyfriend ill fitted jeans gives it a good balance of boujie and street . but to be honest although it's almost trademarked to the Gucci brand .... I can't explain how over floral I am !! I don't give a hot damn if it's summer or not.  I'm so tired of seeing all these Gucci knock off Embroidered floral print pieces . I mean you see it everywhere now . Malls , social Medial , on jackets , shoes , shirts hats ... swampmeets . (dont get me wrong I love a good swampmeet) but cant the hype be put to sleep already so these collections wont be watered down . Let the Gucci legacy live !

Aside from that the collection was brilliant ! I'm definitely excited to see how this collection influences the culture

For any request on any shows please be sure to email me at grizzellegrizzelle@yahoo.com  




Let me start by saying I'm absolutely loving where menswear is headed at the moment . I grew up loving the feeling of keeping up with the latest shows, installations and presentations but slowly grew away from the super cooperate/ contemporary aesthetic that menswears was at, at the time . I mean exactly where is the creativity in minimalist suits and oxfords .... like Come on  Recently though I'm feeling a revolutionary shift in the menswear industry with more colors more ill fitted coats and over-sized pieces and of course more androgyny .... my favorite . 

Now usually I never do reviews but since I revamped my site I thought it would be a little fun to share my perspective on my favorite shows and my least favorite shows . Being the hardcore Demna  Gvasalia Fan that I am it could have been an easy write up on Vetements FW17-18 show considering how controversial it was but lets just say the media already had a full blown out field day with that collection . but the other day while scrolling through one of my favorite sites fuckingyoung.es I came across Sankuanz's most recent collection and I'm seriously pleased and cannot stop watching this show .... literally on repeat every day ! It's amazing how Shanguan Zhe conveyed this dark collection in such a bright way . There is almost this punk vibe I also get from the collection which is probably why I love it so much . By the way totally have my eye  on that Natural Selection piece. Definitely  looking forward to see exactly what else this guy has up his sleeve.

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Photos by the Incredible  : Brice Krummenacker